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Testimonials with Katherine Glass, Psychic Medium

I AM A CLIENT OF KATHERINE. As a psychically astute and experienced human, I am very choosy about who I invite to enter the Sacred Spaces of my Spiritual and physical worlds of realities. I assess my counselors and confidants very carefully. I look for top-notch creds, direct experiences of their having had their Spiritual mettle tested, intelligence, brilliance, intuition, and a warm personality. Other key criteria are that my advisors must have earned the rapport of Spiritually-qualified Beings and have a healthy dose of street-smarts. Katherine clearly demonstrates these virtuous qualities. She is gifted in the finest meaning of that word. She is ethical, dedicated and accurate. And, she is truly charming, caring and radiant. I recommend her and her services unequivocally.


WOW!!! I just had my first ever psychic/mediumistic reading. Katherine made it an amazing experience and one I will never forget. I was, and am still, blown away by the loved ones who showed up, the accuracy of the messages they had, and how Katherine was able to communicate them to me. The connections and guidance I received from my loved ones in the spiritual world was exciting and so meaningful they left me smiling and full of peace. I will meet with her again and highly recommend her to others looking for an unforgettable experience.



I SAW KATHERINE FOUR MONTHS AGO for a reading and it was nothing but amazing. I went in to it with an open mind but was in search for some answers to events that had been going on in my life. I have never done anything like this before so I had nothing to compare it to. But after looking around for a while, she stood out to me. I do have to say that she is very calming and has a sense about her that she already knows you and can make a connection that is truly genuine. Her administrative staff is wonderful to work with as well. As for my reading it was so insightful and informative the time seemed to fly by. Katherine seemed to be able to connect with the ones I wanted to here from right away and the information she was able to convey was spot on. I could not believe how accurate she was throughout the reading.

I would and have recommended her to others. She is wonderful to be with and will see her again in the future without hesitation. She is the “real deal.” 


I had a radio reading with her and she seemed very good. Anyone else have experience with her?


lioness I LOVE Katherine Glass. She is a classy lady and an awesome reader. I recommended her to someone else on here who also loved her. Wonderful woman. She read for me then continued the reading later on facebook unsolicited by me to help me. She sent me to another website for some soul work which was wonderful. She’s a beautiful soul herself and very genuine. She really wants to help people. 

Thanks so much for the info on Katherine :D! I’m happy she works for you! I haven been very tempted to read with her, but her rates are pretty high. What’s funny is that I’ve spent a TON of money on readings, which were a result of your typical breakup story where I’m wondering if/when I’d receive contact from an ex. Every single psychic said he would most definitely be in touch again. Of course, I have not heard from him in almost 8 months. Katherine was the ONLY one that said he would not be in touch! She seems like she is legit and has integrity. I am just curious to know how her accuracy has been with you.

aef2929 P:
I have to say so far she’s been 100% for me . I’ve only read with her 3 times since the summer but for what she’s told me 100% of it has happened how she said basically.

TODAY I SAW KATHERINE for the second time in a few years. This woman is the “real deal”! Her gifts are profound and her insight is spot on. She gave me so much to think about, and everything she said just resonated with me. She is a lovely, genuine, gifted, loving person , and I can’t say enough good things about her. I whole heartedly recommend a reading with her. I will be a repeat customer as I travel my spiritual path.



KATHERINE HAS AN AMAZING HEART, a sharp mind and deep spiritual connection that is a magic combination for healing, wisdom and love. She has a beautiful capacity to tune into where her clients are at and respond from whatever level (personal, interpersonal or spiritual) is needed in the moment. Her healing session with me a few weeks ago was one of the best I have ever had in my 35 years of personal and professional training and development. I have known her for almost 20 years and have seen the most amazing development of her skills, abilities and development as a healer.





KATHY IS A TRUE HEALER! She has the insight of a wise soul. She has helped me navegate through many tumultuous times in my life by bringing hope, healing and clarity. She listens, communicates by connecting to the deepest of one’s soul. A guide, a mentor worthy of one’s time. I recall when I moved through life with pain but yet uncertain of its cause. Kathy helped me connect the points and provided an explanation for it. She offered the path that allowed me to embark in my healing journey. Kathy is a true gift because she is passionate about her work and she “gives” herself to the cause.



I WANT TO THANK YOU AGAIN for your help planning our event this past weekend. It was quite a hit. We had a few skeptics in the group but everyone was quite impressed with Katherine’s reading. We verified a few things with family members after we left the center and were shocked. This was the first reading for most of the gals in our group so we did not know what to expect. Katherine was so welcoming and calming. She had to be communicating with spirits. How could she know the things she said? I see now why she’s so busy- cuz she’s so awesome!  Thanks again.



I WANT TO THANK YOU so much for all your time yesterday. I found you and your reading to truly be a blessing! It really was one of the best readings I have ever had! I went to sleep last night feeling like I was out of my angst and back on track. I called a few friends to sing your praises! Trish told me afterwards that she felt hopeful again and has not felt that way in a long time. I know you made an impact on her and she now has a “mission” to make her life smoother.. You are a gift! Thank you again, I really enjoyed my time, tears and all!!



KATHERINE, YOU ARE A BLESSED and divinely intuitive light being. I am still digesting the powerful, insightful and calming reading I received from you yesterday. Your accuracy goes without saying…I feel more faith, a deeper connection to my own spirit, and more confidence in my path and ability to create miracles. Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart.



KATHERINE, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for connecting me to my son Jamie. I am so blessed that you shared your ability with me. God is amazing how he works through people. I will always believe that some chosen ones do actually have the gift and know how to use it.



MY READING YESTERDAY WAS AMAZING. She was on point especially when said my grandmother loved fabric. My grandmother was a seamstress. I was so shocked I couldn’t speak. The reading put me at ease.


— L.S.

KATHERINE, YOU PROVIDED ME WITH a session and the comfort of your gift. Your name was brought to my attention from a person that also loved my brother.  I never really believed that someone could talk to the spirit world.   My story starts with the suicide of my brother which was shocking from an emotional and visual standpoint. My brother passed July 9, 2010 as my desperation and inconsolable pain grew I knew I had to talk with you. When you said Hi Wendi, I broke down into this crying blob of a human being. Still being somewhat skeptical you started to describe my brother to me then you started to speak to me in the manner in which only my brother would. It was then that I knew you are a woman that knows more about the energy surrounding this so called world then I could ever have imagined. My desperation and pain have eased and I have found a sense of peace which allowed me to sleep through the night for the first time in a year.  From our conversation, my journey of healing will be from a different point of view. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me.



I RECENTLY HAD AN IN-PERSON READING with Katherine Glass. It was a wonderful, insightful experience. She is a very warm, friendly, nurturing, and inspirational person.  It was a psychic reading, but I also received messages from loved ones who have passed on. Katherine has given me much to think about as I work to change and improve my life. Her acquaintance is a real blessing. Many thanks!



I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KATHERINE GLASS’S SERVICES. We exchanged readings a month ago. She told me that I would be a Vegan or Vegetarian. I was a little skeptical at first, because I love my proteins and dairy. Low and behold, I start dating a Vegan woman and I am starting the Vegan lifestyle tomorrow. I am amazed by her connection with Spirit, she operates with a true sense of harmony, joy, and balance. She has provided information that has helped in my Spiritual and psychic development. She is truly a very kindred soul, and a gifted teacher.




I WENT TO KATHERINE DURING A TIME of great personal pain and change. I will admit that I was not at all attuned to psychic phenomenon but knew the healing I had been trying was not enough. Katherine’s combination of work as a Barbara Brennan healer and as a visionary have been magical. While I still have a long journey, the information she has provided has been 100% correct, instilling me with greater personal confidence. The healing work has grounded me as never before. In fact, her work has been so good, I sent my daughter who was experiencing a difficult transition and she had the same results. I cannot recommend Katherine more highly. She is “the real thing” and on top of that, a compassionate, loving human being.


I MET KATHERINE A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO at a psychic fair. She gave my sister and I brief readings and we fell in love with her at once, we thought she was an angel in human form. We met with her along with our mother in her beautiful healing space and had past-life readings as well as readings to help us to know what may be ahead for us. It has been our habit to see Katherine about every six months for our psychic tune-up and we have a wonderful time whenever we visit with her.

Due to our lovely relationship with Katherine my mother suggested I go to her for a healing session. It made all the difference in the world for me. Afterwards, I felt so much lighter and stronger emotionally. I was able to cope better in all of the areas in my life. I will forever be grateful for Katherine’s loving and gentle help.


— B.B.

I HAVE BEEN SEEING KATHERINE now for the last three years and in that time, her readings continue to imbue a breadth and wisdom beyond her years. She is incredibly astute and the outcome of her readings are eerily accurate. Katherine’s incitefulness into your life, which includes past, present and future, gives one pause because of the level of detail she sees and then relays to you. And, because these accuracies are so plentiful, I check in with Katherine every six months or so. Not only is she the most capable intuitive, she also brings an amazing amount of energy to the reading. This energy transfers to you and makes for a more interesting read, as it makes it possible to gather information from all sources. Katherine is by far the premiere intuitive and you would be wise to seek her service.



I HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH KATHERINE for more than 15 years. I admit, initially I was skeptical. However, after my first reading I was both convinced and delighted. She has a thorough understanding of her work as psychic medium and energy healer. She has an amazing ability to translate that knowledge for clients who seek a deeper spiritual connection with everyday life. Her caring and calm manner make her an effective healer and teacher.



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